This website is a product of my wanting to help people, as well as leave a little bit of my mark on this world by donating to charities and trying to make this world a better place, one person at a time.

I, like many people, have been scammed more than I would like to admit on internet businesses, and business startup scams. I also have seen several bad internet products that either don’t work, or are unattainable products for most working people. So I decided to build WAKACHA.com so people who are open to changing their life for the better will hopefully find resources to help in several areas of their life.

Many of the sites promoted on WAKACHA.com are either highly rated products, or have been used personally by myself, friends, or colleagues.

Please note that many of the sites listed are affiliate sites, and I do receive a commission from you clicking some of the links.
I believe in providing full disclosure as I use the commissions from these links to help my family, and donate to Diabetic Foundations to hopefully find a cure for Type 1.


“Throughout a persons life a person can pick up good and bad belief systems based on their parents, who they are around as a kid, as well as the people they surround themselves with as adults. A person will also go through many ups and downs, as well as things to be grateful for, and things that they are not so grateful for. How a person chose to deal with these things in the past, for better or for worse will have a direct impact on how they’re present situation is, as well as how their future will be, unless that persons belief system is changed to better align with what that person wants in life.”


To Your Health, Weath, and Happiness

God Bless